Social Design


Design is everywhere in the world around us, whether we recognise it or not. Design has a great power to improve the lives of individuals and communities and can take many different shapes. The Rado Star Prize South Africa 2014 is looking for Social Design projects from talented design students or recent design graduates. Rather than creating something beautiful and functional just to create something beautiful and functional, social design focuses on benefits. What can your design project really do for the individuals and communities it is designed for? Will your architecture project help to shelter schoolchildren from the sun or rain as they wait for the bus? Can your fashion project make crossing the road safer? Will your lighting project help to educate a community? Can your audio design project make a community a safer or healthier place to live? Rado doesn’t know the answer to these questions but we’re looking forward to seeing what you can do and what benefits your project can bring. This could be the start of something not only beautiful, but also beneficial. Surprise us and show the world what you can do!